Your wedding day will be one you will always remember. When you close your eyes and picture it back, what will spring to mind? Besides the friends and family that were there to join you and the smiles on their faces, you’ll likely think of the ambiance. Many brides and grooms choose a theme to tie together decorative elements involved in the ceremony and wedding reception. If you’re still looking for inspiration, consider the following. 

3 Popular Wedding Styles

1. Classic

A classic wedding reception incorporates a formal celebration, refined color schemes, and sophisticated elegance. Start with a dress that’s completely white with little to no accents and diamond or pearl jewelry.

Colors, in general, are usually muted—with blush-colored flowers, gold calligraphy on white or blue paper for the name cards at your tables, and neutral tablecloths. 

Brides and grooms who go this route often perform a formal ballroom dance in front of their guests backed by a traditional wedding band.

wedding reception2. Bohemian

Bohemian or BoHo has various influences from hippy and artistic subcultures. Often seen as an unorthodox sense of style, these weddings tend to incorporate natural and DIY elements—such as mason jars filled with Spanish moss and string lights, branches used as centerpieces, or homemade party favors.

The dress is usually white or beige, with multiple lace accents around the shoulders and hem. Men will often wear colored or patterned suits.

3. Art Deco

Many people are inspired to make the 2020s the second coming of the Roaring ‘20s by incorporating art deco and vintage revival into their weddings. To recreate the grand parties and luxury of this time, black, gold, and interlocking patterns are essential. Men will wear a black tuxedo, where women will opt for a flapper-style dress.

Jazz music, champaign, and swing dancing compliment this theme well. Small touches, like business card style name tags embellished in gold or black, will add extra flair. 


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