Flowers are a significant aspect of the decor for wedding receptions and ceremonies. If you’re not sure what arrangements will fit with your style and venue, look at some of the current trends. Here are some of the most popular options for everything from bouquets to centerpieces.

5 Floral Trends for Weddings

1. Statement Flowers

The past several years have seen many understated floral arrangements. However, couples are shifting in the other direction and choosing large blooms, bright colors, and elements that draw the eye. Consider flowers like proteas or oversized peonies for these arrangements, and include them in the centerpieces to catch the attention of your guests.

2. Sustainable Options

Sustainability is a significant factor in nearly every industry. If you want to reduce the carbon footprint of your celebration, opt for locally sourced, seasonal flowers from a farmer’s market or florist. You could also choose living plants like succulents and provide them as guest favors.

3. Dried Flowers

wedding receptionDried flowers are perfect if your wedding has a rustic or bohemian style. You can use them in bouquets and centerpieces, and add accents like pampas grass to include texture. Consider drying or pressing flowers from significant bouquets you’ve received through the years and use them as decor around your wedding reception venue. Not only is this a fun, affordable way to decorate the site, but it also allows you to pay tribute to the people who gave the flowers to you.

4. Worn Flowers

If you want to do something non-traditional with your flowers, consider wearing—rather than carrying—them. Use florals in jewelry, hair clips, or crowns to accent the outfits of people in the wedding party. Small flowers like lilies of the valley and stephanotis are perfect for this purpose because they are beautiful without being overbearing.

5. Greenery

Your bouquets and centerpieces don’t need to include any blooms. If you prefer a cleaner look, opt for greenery instead. Include elements like palm leaves, eucalyptus, and succulents to provide a wonderful, natural feel to the wedding reception.


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