When preparing for your wedding reception, creating the best seating arrangement ensures the event flows smoothly and maximizes the attendees’ enjoyment. From overcrowding to not planning for the right number of guests, the wrong seating chart can make for a stressful wedding reception. Below are a few tips for what you should and shouldn’t do to ensure your big day is perfect.


Have a table for younger guests.

When considering where to seat children, dedicate a table to them to create the right atmosphere. This allows your younger guests and their parents to celebrate the wedding in a stress-free environment. It also occupies the kids by seating them next to friends or peers close to their age. Depending on their ages, include small activities for them, such as coloring books.

Consider single attendees. 

wedding receptionIf you have friends or family members coming that are single, don’t use a singles-only table. This can create an awkward scenario for your single loved ones that don’t know each other, leaving them feeling isolated. Incorporate these guests into other tables with mutual friends or couples that they know.


Separate couples.

When planning the seating arrangement for your wedding reception, keep all couples together for dinner. They will likely want to enjoy their meal together, as well as the rest of your big day. If you have people who are in relationships in the wedding party, seat their partners together or with a group of close friends to maintain cohesion.

Forget about certain guests.

Always recognize the needs of close family and friends that may have special requirements, such as small children or seniors. Many elderly individuals want to avoid the loud hustle and bustle of the speakers or the dance floor, so pick a table away from the commotion. Small children may need to get fresh air or use the bathroom more often, so seat them closer to an exit.


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