Fall is a popular time of the year to tie the knot with your significant other. For a nice seasonal touch that emphasizes the season, use autumn-themed decor at your wedding reception. Below are several design ideas that are ideal for fall weddings. 

How to Decorate an Autumn Wedding 

1. Seasonal Flowers

Autumn flowers are a stunning addition to your wedding reception. You can select floral arrangements based on color or seasonal availability. If you’re using color as a guide, opt for dark, rich tones, such as burgundy, gold, navy, dark green, and plum. Add some sage, light gold, or light brown elements to the arrangements for contrast.

If you’re choosing them based on availability, there are many flowers that bloom in the fall, such as dahlias, roses, chrysanthemums, and anemones. Supplement the arrangements with lush grasses and berries for more variety. These blooms are beautiful and sustainable, and you can find them at many local flower stores.

2. Themed Centerpieces

wedding receptionCelebrate this special time of the year by putting together small bouquets of seasonal flowers in earthy containers, such as pottery or wood. If you don’t want to use flowers, get a shallow glass bowl, fill it with water, and place floating votive candles inside. Tie a burgundy, navy, or gold ribbon around the glass to contrast the candles.

You can also use gourds or fall produce to accent the tables and make a statement. For example, a pumpkin that you fill with flowers is the perfect addition to each table. After the wedding reception is over, you can invite people to take them home as a memory of the evening. 

3. Fall-Inspired Dinnerware

Beautiful dishes are an eye-catching way to dress up any wedding reception. Start with festive plates, bowls, silverware, cups, and napkins. If you plan to serve a meal at your reception, ensure that you have the necessary dining ware for each course.

Then, spruce up the table with colored ribbons, gourds, berries, decorative wood, or a burlap table runner. Set each place at the table with name cards and arrange the fall elements in the middle of the table so that they don’t interfere with the eating space.


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