It’s somewhat of a miracle that a slight tap of your toe can propel your car forward. Similarly, power steering rotates tires by a gentle motion of the steering wheel. If this system fails, your car will still operate, but you’ll have to exert a significantly greater force to make a turn. If you’re wondering why power steering problems arise and when to see an auto mechanic, take advantage of the following guide.

What Are the Most Common Power Steering Problems?

1. Broken Pump

To move the hydraulic fluid throughout the hoses, your power steering system relies on a pump. However, like many other auto parts, this component may be vulnerable to wear and tear. If the pump breaks down, there will be a drop in pressure throughout the power steering system. In this case, your auto mechanic will need to replace the worn-out pump.

2. Leak

auto mechanicPower steering is based on hydraulics, or the use of fluid to create fluctuations in pressure. As you turn the steering wheel, the hydraulic fluid moves through a network of hoses to manipulate the wheels. If one of these hoses springs a leak, the fluid will seep out, reducing pressure throughout the system. In this case, you might hear a whining noise and a lack of resistance in the steering wheel. Your mechanic will need to seal the leak or replace the hoses and refill your hydraulic fluid supply.

3. Clog

Just like the motor oil and other liquids throughout your vehicle, hydraulic fluid in your power steering system may start to thicken with time. If there are any loose fittings, contaminants like dust and dirt might enter the system and mix into the fluid. This could turn into a clog, blocking the flow of fluid throughout the hoses and other parts. Your mechanic can fix this issue by removing the clog and flushing the fluid out of your system, then refilling it.


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