Your auto transmission is responsible for putting your car into the correct gear so that it can operate at peak efficiency. Regular service and repairs are necessary for keeping it in optimal condition, but the way you drive can also make an impact. Here are some habits to break to prolong the lifespan of your transmission.

Avoid These Driving Habits to Protect Your Auto Transmission

1. Changing Speeds Dramatically

Your transmission must work harder to shift gears quickly if you push the pedal to the floor each time you accelerate. It will go through much less wear and tear if you speed up and slow down gradually. You can’t always prevent sudden braking, but try to leave room between you and other cars and keep an eye on the road ahead to limit issues.

2. Shifting Before Stopping Fully

auto transmissionMany drivers unknowingly flip their car from drive to reverse, or vice versa, while the wheels are still rolling. Even if the vehicle is moving slowly, this puts extra strain on the transmission since it must shift gears and stop the car from rolling. Avoid problems by coming to a complete stop each time before placing your hand on the gear shifter.

3. Towing Extra Weight

Transmissions experience more strain if you’re carrying extra weight. This doesn’t mean you can’t fill up your trunk now and then, but try to avoid unnecessary towing. If you regularly leave heavy equipment or trailers on your vehicle that you rarely use, removing them could prolong the life of your auto transmission.

4. Driving With Low Fluids

Transmission fluid lubricates the moving parts in your transmission, preventing excess wear and overheating. Regular maintenance is essential for keeping fluid levels sufficient and catching any signs of damage early on. Have your transmission serviced by a professional at least every 30,000 miles, and any time you notice issues like slipping gears or hard shifts.


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