Low month-to-month payments, climate control, easy access, flexible sizing options, and 24-hour security—self-storage units offer many benefits that are appealing to people who need to hold belongings during a move. But apart from holding onto things when you’re in between homes, there are several other ways that these units can benefit you. As a leading local storage facility in High Point, NC, All American Self Storage highlights some of the lesser-known advantages of self-storing in your community.

5 Unique Ways a Storage Facility Could Benefit You   

1. Paces Unpacking  

If you’re making a local move, it may seem easier to just pack up your things and transport them to your new home. However, swamping your home with boxes and furniture can be frustrating. If you want to save yourself the clutter and take time to adjust your home, use a local storage unit to hold onto the things that you aren’t sure about keeping. You can slowly filter in the belongings you want and sort out the items you decide aren’t a fit for your new home.  

2. Frees Up Space in the Home

Need to clear out a room in your home, but don’t want to get rid of the things you keep inside of it? You can use affordable self-storage to hold the things you want to keep while also opening up the space you need in your home.

3. Holds Valuable Business Inventory  

storage facilityWhen you’re a business owner planning for new inventory, you may have to make room in the store by discounting older items. However, if these items are valuable, a clearance sale may not be the most economical way to shift inventory.  Instead, keep these items—and other business materials—in secure self-storage.

4. Opens a Home Up for Renovation   

Renovations can be challenging projects to plan. You have to stay on schedule, stay on budget, and figure out how to clear out your home for contractors. Self-storage facilities help make the process go smoother by providing a perfectly sized space to temporarily hold the things that are getting in the way of a remodel.

5. Keeps Gifts Hidden

If space at home is limited, you may not always have a great space to hide gifts that you buy ahead of time—especially the bigger items. With a small storage unit, you can hide big toys from kids, furniture gifts, and other things you may be keeping secret until a special date.

If you want to take advantage of these unique, beneficial uses, it helps to have a facility you can rely on. Providing clean, secure storage units in High Point, NC, All American Self Storage is a top choice for holding your valuables in a way that’s convenient, cost-effective, and in your control. Learn more about their storage facility features online or call (336) 434-1222 for questions about unit availability.