Going out for a meal with family and friends is a fantastic way to enjoy delicious food and bring everyone closer together. However, deciding where to eat can be tough, especially if you’re bringing along a child who’s a finicky eater. Fortunately, going to a Chinese restaurant will give you a wide array of menu choices, offering something for everyone.

5 Chinese Restaurant Dishes That Are Perfect for Picky Kids

1. Beef & Broccoli

This classic Chinese dish is a favorite of adults and children alike. But unlike dim sum or egg foo yung, broccoli and beef are food items that will be familiar to your child and less intimidating to eat. Plus, the tantalizing Chinese sauces that accompany this meal will make the broccoli enjoyable even to a kid who doesn’t like eating vegetables.

2. Lo Mein

Children have lots of fun eating noodles. Though they can be a challenge to wrap around your fork or pick up with chopsticks, gobbling down a delicious serving of lo mein is worth the effort for most kids since they get to play with their food. Younger children may also build up their dexterity and improve their ability to use food utensils when eating lo mein noodles.

3. Egg Rolls

Egg rolls are hands-down one of the most popular Chinese food appetizers. They are crunchy on the outside and filled with steaming vegetables and bits of egg on the inside. These are usually mild in flavor and don’t require utensils, which makes them easy for children to eat. The roll is also simple in its appearance and is not likely to trigger a sensory food aversion from a picky eater. 

4. Potstickers

Potstickers are a great way to get your child to eat Chinese food. Kids will love picking up these yummy packets and dipping them in the sauce. Plus, they can be filled with vegetables, pork, chicken, or shrimp.

5. Wonton Soup

chinese restaurantA staple in every Chinese restaurant, wonton dumplings served in hot chicken broth will definitely satisfy your little one's hunger. You can order them with noodles or your child’s favorite meat. What's more, wonton soup is easy to eat, filling, and relatively nutritious.


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