Your garbage disposal grinds up food scraps to make them easier to dispose of. However, if the device isn't used or maintained properly, you'll eventually need professional plumbing services because of clogged pipes, breakdowns, and other issues. Keep the garbage disposal in good condition with the tips below.


Clean it regularly.

Garbage disposals tend to smell when you do not run enough water when using this appliance. 

Run the disposal at least 1 minute to wash down any food you put in that side of the drain.

Running hot water down the garbage disposal will liquefy any fat and grease in the pipe and to keep your sink draining smoothly. 

Grind small amounts of waste at a time.

Place waste down the disposal gradually, this will prevent the disposal from getting stopped up and any excessive strain on the unit's blades and motor. Break down bulky leftovers and put them in the drain little at a time to avoid any blockages to cause emergency plumbing services.


Toss starchy food down the drain.

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As with oil and grease, starchy foods such as pasta, rice, and potato skins can solidify and clog the garbage disposal. They form a thick paste as they pass through the drain, resulting in stubborn clogs deep in the lines that only professional plumbing services can get rid of.

Dispose of hard or fibrous items.

Always throw away foods that may cause your disposal to stop up. It’s not strong enough to grind animal bones, corn cobs, and other hard materials. 

Also, avoid putting stringy food like celery stalks, corn husks, and onion skins down the drain. The device can't cut tough fibers, which will tangle around the blades and jam the system. 

Place granular bits in the disposal.

Coffee grounds, eggshells, popcorn kernels, seeds, and other grainy items may end up between the shredder ring and disposal wall, eventually tripping the breaker. Also, they can clump together when wet, cling to the existing sludge, and cause clogs. Throw these items into a compost bin. You can use old coffee grounds and egg shells to fertilize plants in the garden.


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