Advanced technology in cars, such as backup cameras, make it less likely you’ll run into something while reversing. However, accidents, such as hitting a curb, can still happen. Even a small collision like this can affect your tires, steering, and other parts of your car, so knowing what problems to look for will help you determine when you need professional help.

How Does Hitting a Curb Hurt Your Tires?

tireRegardless of how hard you hit a curb, it likely came in contact with the sidewall, which is the weakest part of a tire. As a result, it may have damage that makes it more likely to become flat. You might notice a bulge, scrape, or even a puncture. In addition, the rim may have been scratched or damaged. If you hit the curb with enough force, the integrity of the rim may be compromised, preventing it from holding the tire and causing your vehicle to wobble or vibrate.

How Does Hitting a Curb Affect Your Steering and Suspension Systems?

You could knock your wheels out of alignment, which means they’re no longer pointing straight ahead. Misalignment can also cause decreased fuel efficiency and unnecessary stress to the steering system since it takes more energy to keep your tires heading in the right direction. Contact with the curb could also damage other parts of the suspension and steering systems, such as the tie rods and control arms, which affects your safety.

What Should You Do After Hitting a Curb?

Whether you can find visible damage or not, take your vehicle to a trusted auto shop in the aftermath of a curb collision. They’ll thoroughly inspect your car, including the undercarriage, for any issues. You’ll avoid more costly repairs that could result from further damage down the road, and you won’t have to deal with a flat tire.


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