If you have joint pain that traditional therapies haven’t addressed, you may be recommended to an orthopedic surgeon. These professionals are well-versed in the surgical treatment of many common sports injuries, as well as joint-related treatments, such as hip and knee replacements. To get the most from your appointment, ask the following questions.

Questions You Should Ask Your Orthopedic Surgeon

Why are you recommending this procedure?

Whether you're receiving treatment for heel pain or surgery for a sports injury, it's never a bad idea to have your doctor explain why this is the best solution. When a surgeon recommends a treatment, they'll consider various factors you may be unaware of, from the severity of your injury to your overall health and medical background.

What’s the goal of the surgery?

orthopedic surgeonWhile the overall goal of surgery is to alleviate symptoms and restore function to the afflicted area, ask your doctor about any other potential benefits it could provide. These details help them form a treatment plan, which is designed to break down your procedures, restoration, and recovery.

What are the associated risks?

Even the simplest surgery will still have some known risks associated with treatment. Talk with your surgeon about what these risks are, and work with them to determine if they're applicable to you. Typically, the benefits will outweigh the minor risks.

What will recovery be like?

Depending on the procedure you're having done, recovery could vary from as little as a few weeks to a few months. Talk to your orthopedic surgeon about what limitations you'll experience, what pain management regimen you'll be following, and how you can safely encourage the healing process. This ensures you'll be prepared for each step of recovery.


If you’re experiencing chronic joint pain that doesn’t ease with regular therapies, consult the team at Orthopaedic Associates of Rochester in New York. The orthopedic surgeons on staff offer the procedures you need to enjoy your life again and find the relief you deserve. To learn more about their treatments, visit them online or call (585) 723-­3000.