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Geek City
418 3rd St, Fairbanks, AK 99701

About Geek City

From business to personal matters, nearly everyone relies on their computers and laptops on a daily basis. When something goes wrong, you need a quality fix — and you need it fast. Fortunately, the laptop repair experts at Geek City in Fairbanks, AK, provide the prompt, reliable service you deserve.

Geek City has become a trusted regional name due to their affordable rates and top-rated customer service. With over 65 years of combined experience, the team is adept at servicing any and all PC or Apple issues. From major government agencies to small business owners, the company has quickly become a favorite among Alaskans in the area. Geek City is also the state’s largest local full-service electronics destination, so you can rely on them to deliver the highest quality laptop repairs and products in the area.

From virus removal and battery upgrades to a new graphics card or hard drive, these knowledgeable technicians are prepared to handle any job. As  computer experts, they understand that routine maintenance is key to the detection and prevention of major issues. To ensure your system remains speedy, secure, and protected, they provide computer servicing that will keep your system in incredible condition. Whether you need basic maintenance or a savvy upgrade, Geek City offers the high-quality programs and parts you need. By always staying up-to-date on the latest technology, your system will remain ahead of the curve.



For timely, cost-efficient laptop repairs in Fairbanks, contact the experts at Geek City. Whether you need to pick up a new keyboard or have your computer screened for viruses, the premier retail and repair store has everything you need. For more information, call the staff at (907) 455-7281 or visit their website. You can also connect with the team on Facebook for more company news and information.