Many industrial buildings use cooling towers for their HVAC systems, relying on the power of water to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Cooling towers remove heat from the building as the warm air evaporates while passing through water inside the tower. It then collects cool water at the bottom and pumps it back into the building. Follow the recommended maintenance procedures below to maximize the performance of your building's cooling tower.

Monthly Cooling Tower Maintenance Tasks 

A licensed air conditioning contractor should check your cooling tower once a month. They will look for leaks and buildup, offer repairs if needed, and inspect all the mechanical parts, including the drive train, gearbox, nozzles and valves, and fans.

Monthly HVAC maintenance also consists of cleaning the cold water basin and sump strainers and checking the clarity of the sump water. Technicians will look into the water pressure, float balls, and water levels to ensure the tower operates effectively. 

Quarterly HVAC Maintenance Tasks


Cooling towers need in-depth maintenance every quarter to prevent bacterial growth and corrosion. Test the tower's water every three months, and make adjustments if necessary to keep it clean. 

Quarterly maintenance also includes lubricating motor bearings and inspecting the bolts at the fan assemblies. Spray nozzles should be flushed and cleaned to avoid clogging.

Biannual Cooling Tower Maintenance 

The cold water sump basin of the HVAC system needs to be flushed and cleaned every six months to eliminate bacteria. The CDC associates cooling towers with outbreaks of Legionnaire's disease, a respiratory infection caused by breathing in contaminated water droplets. However, a full-system flush twice a year prevents the growth of the bacteria that causes this illness. 


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