An AC condenser is the outdoor portion of your cooling system which cools down and condenses refrigerant vapor into liquid. The condenser has many components, including the condenser coils, fans, compressor, and refrigerant lines. As with any appliance, the condenser will eventually fail and need replacement. Here are some signs you need a new condenser unit for your cooling system. 

When You Should Replace Your AC Condenser 

1. Reduced Airflow

If airflow from the vent is suddenly weak, there are several potential issues. For one, airflow may be restricted due to a clogged air filter. If you’ve ruled out this issue, however, there could be a problem with the blower or evaporator coils, both of which are housed in the condenser. For instance, the blower motor may be malfunctioning, and is therefore unable to pull warm air from the home and push cool air back out. This can also prevent sufficient air from flowing over the evaporator coils, which can cause them to freeze up and further exacerbate the issue. 

2. Insufficient Cooling 

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When you still have ample airflow but the air isn't cool enough, it’s possible the evaporator coils have frozen over. While it’s possible to thaw the coils so cool air can blow again, a recurring issue suggests a mechanical failure in the condenser. The cause could also be due to a refrigerant leak. Because the AC is a closed system, a leak suggests a hole somewhere in the refrigerant lines, which could have been caused by pests, debris, or deterioration. 

3. Poor Energy Efficiency  

Unexplained spikes in your cooling bills suggest an increase in energy usage from your AC. It’s possible the mechanical components are no longer working efficiently, which can cause the system to require more energy to produce the same level of cooling. In general, cooling systems can be expected to last 15 to 20 years. Newer, ENERGY STAR® rated systems are 15% more efficient than traditional models and can therefore help you save on your monthly cooling costs. 


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