Thanks to your chimney, you can safely enjoy the benefits of a warm fire in your home. Considering the chemicals and substances to which it’s exposed, however, it’s no surprise that chimney repairs are occasionally necessary. In fact, some problems occur especially frequently. Read on to learn about them.

4 Common Types of Chimney Repairs

1. Water Leaks

If your roof’s flashing and chimney cap wear down or break, rainwater and melted snow can leak into the pores of the bricks. This may lead to erosion and cracking, which weakens and loosens the bricks. The water also carries outdoor toxins and allergens, facilitates mold growth, reduces heat efficiency, and corrodes the metal areas of your chimney. 

You’ll need chimney repair to restore the structural integrity of the bricks. The flashing and cap would need to be fixed or replaced as well.

2. Damaged Bricks

chimney repairs

Whether due to moisture, accidents, or normal wear, bricks can develop cracks and chips that interfere with your chimney’s ventilation. As a result, your home may become filled with smoke and carbon monoxide when you use your fireplace. 

Brick restoration and repair are often possible with tuckpointing, a process for replacing or updating mortar. However, extensive or severe damage calls for building a whole new chimney.

3. Broken Parts

Other parts of the chimney are prone to breakage because of water or wear as well. For example, the metal flue liner may crack or corrode, reducing its effectiveness at keeping excess heat and gases from passing through the brickwork and into your home. There’s also the damper, which may stop opening or closing properly after breaking, warping, or rusting.

It’s dangerous to continue using your fireplace with these broken parts. Get chimney repair services before lighting any fires.

4. Clogs

Similar to soot, creosote is a dark, tar-like byproduct of burning wood. It’s not only messy, but flammable. Without regular cleaning, it will form clogs inside the chimney, blocking smoke and gas from floating out the cap in addition to posing a fire hazard. It must be professionally cleaned annually.

Other clogs are caused by birds, rodents, insects, and other pests building their nests inside your chimney. Leaving them there puts them in danger and makes your home more vulnerable to the diseases they carry. Pest control is best for handling them.

When you need chimney repair for these or any other problems, contact Hicon Inc. in Cincinnati, OH. As experts in masonry since 1977, there’s no chimney problem they can’t resolve. With your safety and comfort as their priority, they boast an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and membership with the Home Builders of Greater Cincinnati. Schedule a visit today by calling (513) 242-3612 or messaging them online.