Kids grow up quickly, so scheduling regular family photos can help commemorate every phase of their life. Cincinnati offers many beautiful backdrops for your next photo session. Grab the kids and your camera, and head to one of these locations to create a lasting memento.

5 Additional Cincinnati Locations that Make for Great Family Pictures

1. Purple Bridge

The Newport Southbank Bridge, also called the Purple People Bridge by locals, connects Cincinnati to Newport. It's the longest connecting bridge of its kind in the country to link two states. More importantly, it makes for a fun backdrop due to its unique purple paint. It's also pedestrian only, making it a friendly and safe bridge for photography.

2. Spring Grove Cemetery

If you're shooting a family photo in the springtime, this is the place to go. Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum features a lush landscape with loads of flowers. Time your picture session when they're in full bloom.


3. French Park

Cincinnati has many camera-worthy parks, but French Park is particularly notable for its diverse landscape. You'll find tall grassy fields, romantic paths shrouded by greenery, and historic buildings.

4. Roebling Bridge - "The Suspension Bridge"

Roebling Bridge spans the Ohio River and is an iconic Cincinnati landmark. The suspension wires make for an impressive backdrop. It features a pedestrian walkway so you can safely take pictures without worrying about cars. Plus, you can capture the Cincinnati skyline in the background.

5. Hyde Park Mushroom House

If you want a one-of-a-kind backdrop, head to the Hyde Park Mushroom House. This architectural oddity features cartoon-like buildings that look like mushrooms. Kids will love the whimsical structures, which will ensure truly unique family photos.


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