From wedding celebrations to tranquil vacations, many people take out cameras to capture memorable moments. Challenging your abilities with a few of the following projects will improve your technical skills and help you see compositions in a new light. Even experienced photographers or professionals can use the ideas below to stay sharp or break out of a creative rut. 

7 Inspirational Photography Challenges

1. Create a Self-Portrait

Taking self-portraits allows you to practice staging a photo area. You’ll need a tripod to position the camera, as well as a remote control to take each snapshot. You can also use different continuous lights to play with tone and shade in your compositions. 

2. Start a Photo Essay

Creating a photo essay will give you a chance to improve visual storytelling skills. Adjust camera settings and shooting angles to manipulate perspective and heighten emotions.    

3. Take a Photo Walk

Ft-Mitchell-Kentucky-cameraSocializing with other photographers affords you the opportunity to learn techniques to apply to your own work. See if any photography clubs or associations in your area host photo walks. On the journey, use different camera lenses and filters to zoom in on passersby and architectural details.  

4. Explore Digital Pinhole Photography

To familiarize yourself with different shutter speeds, create a pinhole camera. Simply puncture a small hole in the cap for your lens mount. Put the cap back over the mount and start taking pictures using the manual setting. Seal off the hole later with tape to prevent dirt particles from scratching the lens. 

5. Experiment With Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs are photographs in which the subject in the foreground is still, while an element in the background moves slightly to create a short video. Place the camera in video mode and put it on a tripod. You can polish the work and adjust colors to make certain objects stand out with photo-editing software.  

6. Recreate the Alphabet

To test the limits of your creativity, choose different subjects relating to each letter of the alphabet. This fun assignment will let you focus on using different photography techniques to capture still life and landscape images. 

7. Go Black & White

Shooting in black and white will allow you to see the details of different subjects. You’ll also be able to focus your composition based on shapes, shades, sizes, and textures instead of concentrating on color.


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