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About Rep of the Rockies

Based out of Denver, Rep of the Rockies provides software development and consulting services for businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profits throughout Colorado. With more than a decade of technology sales experience in both software and hardware, Rep of the Rockies is an expert in the development of mobile applications, databases, penetration testing, and more.

The Colorado company’s software development process follows an innovative approach. Rep of the Rockies partners with many different software development firms, which were handpicked as cream-of-the-crop developers. After a consultation to learn about your unique needs, Rep of the Rockies connects you to the software development partner with the perfect mix of experience and expertise to take on your custom software project.

The developers at Rep of the Rockies are proficient in all of the common programming languages and technologies, and they are skilled in creating high-quality, custom solutions for the following:

  • iPhone & Android Native Apps: Rep of the Rockies can create iOS and Android mobile applications from scratch, as well as provide assessments of existing apps for functionality and security.
  • Software Applications: Receive a custom-tailored software application for your business needs, from Salesforce to Quickbase to big data. Rep of the Rockies can assess your existing application and make recommendations for improvements.
  • Application Security Assessments & Tests: Ensure the security of your system or application with a code security assessment or network penetration test.
  • Database Development & Performance Improvements: Create a new database or enhance your existing one. Rep of the Rockies can handle a variety of databases, including Neo4j, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL server, MySQL, and Oracle.

Whether you’re seeking a new website, an application security assessment, or custom mobile applications, Rep of the Rockies can handle your software development project with ease. Call (303) 523-7867 or visit their website today for a free systems engineering analysis and estimate.