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About Bates Mechanical Inc.

Heating & Cooling

When temperatures rise and fall in Indiana, it’s essential that your home is heated and cooled comfortably and affordably. Fortunately, the technical experts at Bates Mechanical Inc. provide exceptional HVAC repair and service in Bloomington and surrounding areas.

No matter the season, Bates Mechanical Inc. will provide routine and emergency maintenance. As licensed air conditioning contractors, these professionals are sure to provide thorough inspections and the highest level of service — backed by the latest in HVAC resources and technology. Whether you need an air duct cleaning to maintain efficient airflow or a heat pump repair to better regulate your home’s temperature, Bates Mechanical Inc. is the service to trust.

Worried about indoor air quality or the energy-efficiency of your air conditioning or heating unit? This trusted contractor will help you determine if you need to repair or replace your unit. If repairs are needed, they offer convenient service agreements to reduce the need for emergency assistance. When an HVAC system is beyond repair, they’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure you get the best new product for your home and are treated to no-fuss AC installation.

Focused on providing continued care for all customers, the team at Bates Mechanical Inc. has earned a reputation for delivering solid results — and getting it right the first time. To make sure no homeowner is left in the dark about their HVAC repair, their technicians always pay attention to detail, making sure to pinpoint problem areas and offer preventive maintenance when needed.

Bates Mechanical Inc. can schedule convenient air conditioner services in Bloomington, as well as Brown, Greene, Lawrence, Monroe, Morgan, and Owen Counties. To schedule regular maintenance or emergency service, call a team member at (812) 332-7000. You also can visit their website to make a service request.