When you choose a natural stone countertop for your home, you have both slab and prefabricated options. Prefab counters are cut to specific sizes and designs beforehand, while slab options are custom-fitted to your space. Both options work well in different situations. Here’s why you might prefer a prefab counter.

Why Choose a Standard Countertop Size?

1. Price


Because prefabricated countertops are made in bulk with a set design, they’re more affordable to produce and ship. The stone itself is exactly the same, with the same quality finish and beautiful character, and often comes from the same quarry. The lower price point makes it more accessible than a slab and will save you money.

2. Simplicity

If you’re having a countertop custom designed for your home, it will take longer and require more specialized labor than just installing an existing model. Your provider will have to measure, draft, fabricate, finish, and deliver the slab and may have difficulty installing it if there are any unusual features or dimensions. Prefab counters are ready immediately and simple to install, so your project can be finished quickly and without complications.

3. Options

If you’re worried there won’t be a prefabricated design that fits your needs, you’ll be pleased to see just how wide the selection is. Prefab countertops come in hundreds of sizes, styles, and materials. Many have built-in sinks or space for appliances. No matter the size or shape of your kitchen, you’ll have a range of options available.


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