Decks make a great addition to your property. They can be used as an extension of your home, for a relaxing outdoor oasis, or as a way to take your next party to another level. With so many possibilities available, designing your deck becomes a very personal process. To help you along the way, here are a few tips to consider.

4 Tips When Decorating Decks

1. Your Needs

Desks should be designed based on your individual needs, not current styles or trends. You should think about your current lifestyle and how a deck could improve your regular routine. If you enjoy hosting, your deck should have enough space for outdoor seating and guests. If you're looking to add an area of relaxation, you may want to add a cozy outdoor area, a fireplace, or even a hot tub. The deck's design should reflect what you plan to use it for. 

2. Materials


You'll also want to consider the various types of materials available to use. Certain options, like wood, require more maintenance but offer affordable options that can be stained in different shades and colors. For a lower maintenance option, you may want to use a type of PVC or composites. However, be prepared to pay for the convenience, as these materials can be costly, especially if the deck is large. 

3. Usage

A deck of one size will not fit on every type of yard. Different sizes and shapes can be created based on your property, but awkward layouts won't maximize your usable surface area. Consider the size of your yard and how big you want your deck to be to ensure you optimize its layout. 

4. Sun

If you plan to use your deck in the evening, and your yard is in line with the setting sun, you may want to create a layout that will ensure no one has to endure direct rays in their eyes. The best way to get the most out of the sun is to be strategic, so there are a few areas in the sun and shade that can be used depending on the time of day. 


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