Whether you were recently involved in a car accident that left you with whiplash or you’ve been coping with chronic back pain for years, a chiropractor can help. However, if you have never been to one of these professionals before, you may wonder what to expect. The guide below offers tips for preparing for your first appointment.

How to Prepare for Chiropractic Adjustment

1. Record Your Symptoms 

If you’re experiencing any pain or discomfort, write a detailed description of your symptoms. Include the precise location, intensity, and frequency of the issue. Such details will make it easier for your chiropractor to pinpoint the source of the trouble so that they can ultimately treat it. Afterward, record any questions you have for your provider, so you don’t forget to ask them at the appointment. 

2. Complete Essential Forms 


Regardless of whether you’ll be paying out of pocket or deferring to your insurance carrier, a new patient must fill out various forms before their appointment. Therefore, bring anything you need to help you answer these questions, including financial reference information. You should also be prepared to fill out your medical history. 

3. Wear Comfortable Clothes

Except when performing diagnostic imaging, chiropractors rarely need patients to disrobe. To facilitate the adjustments, though, you should still wear loose clothing that allows you to move and stretch easily. Women are encouraged to forego high heels, tight jeans, and bras with underwire, for example, while men should avoid ties, belts, and dress shoes. 


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