If your children don't drink enough water, it could be due to the liquid's smell or taste. Installing a water filtration system is the first step you can take to make the fluid more appealing. However, some kids can be more stubborn and need more convincing. Here are additional ideas to ensure your offspring gets the hydration to remain healthy. 

How to Get Your Kids to Drink More Water

1. Add Bubbles

If your children prefer soda, consider investing in a SodaStream® machine. This device allows you to transform water from the tap into a seltzer variety. As a result, your children will enjoy the fizziness they are used to from drinking carbonated soft drinks — without the added sugar that causes cavities and weight gain. 

2. Include Fruit

water filtration

Installing a water filtration system will remove the gritty, metallic taste and odor from the liquid. However, your children might still prefer a sweeter beverage.

Adding berries, orange or lemon wedges, or sliced grapefruit to the water will give it a subtle fruit flavor. Your kids can eat the fruits upon finishing the drink, which are good sources of antioxidants, calcium, and other nutrients your little ones need to grow. 

3. Use Fun Water Bottles

Instead of serving water in a drinking glass, pour it into a special container. For instance, get a thermos in your child's favorite color, and let them decorate it with stickers or puffy paint. You can also find colorful bendy straws and reusable water bottles that look like popular cartoon characters. These measures will make the act of drinking water fun for your offspring.


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