A septic tank is a sensible and affordable solution for homes and businesses that don’t have access to a municipal sewer system, but regular care is required to keep it operating smoothly. Queen's Septic Tank Service in High Point, NC, recommends scheduling a septic tank inspection every year or two to make sure you don't run into problems. Here’s why:         

5 Important Reasons To Schedule Regular Septic Inspections  

1. Detect Clogs

septic tankSeptic systems are susceptible to clogging. Grease, inorganic materials, and other objects that don't belong in a septic tank can accumulate and clog the pipes. Moreover, the roots of neighboring trees grow quickly and can push their way into the pipes over the course just one year. Regular inspections help you detect clogs early and avoid problems.

2. Head Off Pipe Damage

The bacteria found in wastewater pipes produce hydrogen sulfide as a byproduct of consuming waste. Hydrogen sulfide eventually becomes sulfuric acid, a highly corrosive mineral acid that will, over time, cause your septic pipes to corrode and crack. Regular inspections help you get ahead of damage and replace pipes before they fail.

3. Save Money

Regular inspections and early septic maintenance save you money by extending the life of your system and revealing problems before they become expensive and difficult to repair.

4. Prevent Water Contamination

If a problem arises that prevents your septic system from properly treating waste, early detection prevents hazardous, toxic chemicals from entering and contaminating your freshwater source.

5. Avoid Sewage Backup

A clogged, overflowing, or improperly functioning septic tank can lead to sewage backup into your home. Not only is this unpleasant and messy, but it is also a tremendous health hazard. Regular septic inspections and timely maintenance impede this from happening.

Take the proper steps for septic tank maintenance and get an inspection from Queen’s Septic Tank Service. Call (336) 434-1260 to schedule an appointment, and visit their website for more information on how they’ll prolong the life of your wastewater system.