When you believe you’re in relatively good health, you might not think that having a primary care physician is all that necessary. But while you can certainly rely on our Quick Care Walk In Clinic or hospital for certain situations, it’s still important to have a primary care practitioner by your side.

5 Reasons to Have a Primary Care Provider

1. Manage Your Whole Health

Through routine checkups, primary care providers will develop a comprehensive medical history that allows them to see how your whole health is progressing and how certain problems may be affecting other issues. As a result of this care, you’ll gain a big picture look at your wellness and have more opportunity to catch, prevent, and treat problems that previously may have gone unnoticed.

2. Stay on Schedule With Screenings

As you get older, there are several health screenings you should get regularly—such as those that test for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and cancer. Since primary care providers keep a detailed records of your medical history, they can make sure you’re getting screenings as they become necessary.  

3. Comfortable Care

Caring for your health is a very personal issue. Primary care physicians focus on building one-on-one relationships with every patient to ensure they can discuss their concerns openly, honestly, and in confidence.

4. Improve Referrals

In the event that you require specialized care or surgery, it helps to have a primary care provider by your side. Specifically, they will determine when additional treatment is needed and help make referrals that are best for your situation, rather than you sifting through a wide variety of options all on your own.

5. Reduce Health Care Costs

When you keep up with routine appointments and maintain a good relationship with your primary doctor, you’ll be less likely to experience chronic disease complications or develop health problems that require hospitalization. As a result of this preventive care, you can avoid many high costs associated with specialized or emergency treatment.


Staffed by caring and experienced providers, our Gatesville, TX, clinic will simplify primary care for your entire family, making it easy to get routine check-ups, vaccines, and screenings. If needed, our medical center also offers walk-in urgent care, same day appointments and a variety of medical specialties to make sure you’re getting the best level of treatment. Visit our website to learn more about our services or call (254) 865-2166 to schedule an appointment.

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