Moving into a furnished apartment is a dream to many, especially those who are expecting to stay in an area for less than a year. However, it’s not easy to find modern apartments that will let you terminate a lease early without paying a fee. Fortunately, Miamisburg Luxury Apartments in the Dayton, OH, area offers an at-home atmosphere without requiring you to lift a finger. While they will provide everything from comfortable furniture and sleek kitchen appliances to beautiful décor, there are a few essentials you should bring when you move into a furnished apartment.

5 Things To Pack For A Furnished Apartment Stay

Cleaning Supplies

A compact vacuum, mop, towels, and other cleaning supplies will serve you well in your short-stay apartment. Crumbs and dust are inevitable, no matter how neat you try to be, and you’ll want to wipe down the kitchen counters, bathroom sink, and other areas that see daily use.

Bathroom Supplies

Toiletries, towels, a bathroom rug, soap, and toilet paper are essential items, whether you’re staying in an apartment for a few days or a year.

Kitchen Supplies

Dayton-OH-furnished-apartmentPots, pans, and maybe even a coffee maker and your favorite mug will help your furnished apartment seem like home. You’ll be glad you have a chance to cook meals, and grabbing a late-night snack or morning coffee won’t require a trip to a 24-hour convenience store.

Laundry Basket

We all need clothes, and those clothes eventually need to be washed. Unfortunately, many furnished apartments don’t come equipped with a laundry basket. This item has uses beyond toting clothing, towels, and sheets — it can serve as a hamper for dirty laundry and help you transport items to and from your car.

Extra Batteries

The batteries in your TV remote, portable speaker, and other electronic items seem to go out at the least convenient times. To save yourself a trip to the store, bring backup batteries for your smaller electronics and medical devices.

When you’re on a long business trip, a furnished apartment provides a more comfortable stay than a hotel and is more cost-efficient than renting and furnishing a traditional apartment short-term. Miamisburg Luxury Apartments is an ideal option if you're working temporarily in the Dayton area — these modern apartments are only 20 minutes from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and convenient to many other areas and attractions in southwestern Ohio. For information about unit availability and pricing, call (937) 979-7232 or send a message on their website.