vasectomy denotes the surgical cutting and sealing of the vas deferens, typically as a method of male sterilization. While it’s the least invasive permanent and effective birth control method available, the procedure also provides additional benefits for men. If you’re curious about the advantages of this common procedure, urology specialist Dr. Puschinsky of High Point’s Medical Center Urology is happy to explain. 

8 Rewarding Reasons To Get A Vasectomy 

1. Reliability 

After a vasectomy, men have less than a 1% chance of getting a partner pregnant. This procedure is more effective than any other form of birth control, including the pill. 

2. Limited Risk 

Vasectomies are low-risk procedures, carrying a 2–3% percent risk of infection, bleeding, or pain. 

3. Functionality

Since a vasectomy involves cutting the tubes that transport sperm, there’s no impact on male hormones. Furthermore, the penis isn’t part of the procedure. For most men, all functions relative to this organ remain the same after surgery. While the volume of fluid may decrease after ejaculation, it won’t be noticeable to your partner.

4. Speed 

vasectomyAn entire vasectomy takes about 10 minutes. You can expect to be in the doctor’s office for about an hour, from start to finish. ​​​​​​

5. Simplicity

Most vasectomies are performed in your doctor’s office and are relatively straightforward. After the use of a local anesthetic, a couple small incisions are made and quickly stitched shut. 

6. Minimal Downtime 

A week to 10 days is the standard time for full recovery. During this time, most men will use an ice pack, rest, and avoid sexual activity. 

7. Affordability

The average vasectomy costs $1,000-$2,000, and your insurance may be able to help cover it. 

8. Peace of Mind 

This simple procedure can provide peace of mind to you and your partner. Whether you’ve already had children or don’t plan to, a vasectomy is an easy way to simplify your relationship. 

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