If you’re a young professional going into a job interview, you likely expect to be asked a lot of questions regarding your qualifications for the position. But if you don’t ask any questions, you may be missing out on crucial information about the company, its goals, and the position. If you’re unsure of what questions to ask, use the guide below to help get you started.

4 FAQ for Young Professionals in Job Interviews

What will my daily responsibilities be?

Understanding what will be expected of you on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis will give you a better idea of whether your skills are a good match for the job. Even more important, it will tell you whether your daily tasks will be enjoyable, achievable, and manageable.

Who will I be working with?

young professionalsThe right team can make or break your work experience. Understanding who you will be working with and the dynamics of your role in the team can offer important clues into the work culture and the true size of the company or department.

Is there professional development within this role?

Typically, people enjoy moving up the ranks at work. Companies that offer development programs or the potential for career advancement can make a big difference for your personal growth. Always be on the lookout for companies willing to help you develop new skills.

What is the work culture like here?

Interactions with supervisors and performance reviews can be just as important to the company culture as free lunches and happy hours. Don’t just focus on the “fun” aspects of company culture—dive into the work experience as well. Ask about transparency, team bonding opportunities, and weekly meetings. 



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