Healthy gutters are essential to maintaining the exterior of your home. When they are damaged, overfilling with debris, or improperly installed, runoff will back up around your roof line or spill over onto the ground near your home’s foundation, causing water damage that could extend to the interior. Use these tips to determine if you have a leak and whether a new gutter installation or repairs is needed to fix it.

How to Tell if You Have Gutter Problems

1. Cracking or Splitting

Small holes or cracks in your gutter material may seem like nothing, but this insignificant damage can worsen in no time. Regularly inspect and repair any minor fissures before they grow and require a completely new gutter installation. Also, keeping these areas patched will prevent water from leaking directly onto the fascia boards and the siding underneath this area and causing mold growth and moisture damage.

2. Algae, Mold, & Mildew Growth

gutter installationIf a gutter leak goes unnoticed, it can result in mold and mildew or algae growth along several surrounding roofing structures. The fascia—the PVC, metal, or wooden board running directly underneath the roof—is a good place to check for gutter leaks, but you should also regularly check the rafters and soffit found in the attic space. If these spots are soaked through, you’ll most likely need new gutters and roof repairs.

3. Sagging

If you’ve noticed your gutters have begun to sag, it is most likely due to warped or corroded materials, too much weight, or poor installation. In either case, the sagging will open up a space between the gutters and roof line. This allows water to flow behind the structure or directly over the edge of the roof and leads to foundation erosion, flooded basements, and roof damage. In some instances, this problem can be resolved by installing new brackets and keeping the system clean in the future, but if the material is damaged, you’ll need a new gutter installation.


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