Old-fashioned wood construction is a time-tested method, but structural steel offers some incredible advantages other materials can’t match. Whether you’re building an office complex or a single-family home, steel framing gives you the chance to provide a stronger, more environmentally friendly building for your clients. Below are just a few reasons more and more contractors are choosing steel over wood.

How Structural Steel Can Benefit Your Construction Project

1. Added Strength

Steel I-beams are stronger than wood products of the same size, giving better support to the entire structure. This is especially important if you’re building in an area prone to heavy snowfall, hurricanes, or other significant weather events.

2. Fire, Mold & Termite Resistance

structural steelEvery wood-framed building is vulnerable to a variety of threats, some of which can inflict irreversible damage on even the most carefully designed structure. Unlike wood, structural steel is resistant to fire and impervious to damage caused by mold and termite infestations.

3. Lower Cost

The superior strength of steel means fewer parts are needed to support the structure, which may bring down the cost of construction. Since there's a lighter load, you may also reduce transportation costs, producing savings for your clients.

4. Improved Sustainability

Unlike wood, which generally winds up in a landfill when a building is torn down, structural steel is almost entirely recyclable. In fact, many building components are already made out of recycled steel. As concern about the environmental impact of construction grows, the sustainability of structural steel can make it an important selling point for your project.


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