Many homeowners don’t think about their home’s heating system until they need it during the colder months. Unfortunately, failing to perform proper maintenance throughout the year can end up costing you in major repairs down the line. Read on for several HVAC upkeep tips to keep in mind no matter the season.

How to Maintain Your Heating System

1. Yearly Inspection

While most HVAC systems are long lasting and dependable, they still require attention like any other mechanical device. A good rule of thumb is to schedule a professional inspection at least once a year to ensure you catch any signs of failure early on.

2. Thermostat Attention

heatingA licensed contractor will typically begin their inspection by checking your thermostat. You can find out whether your heat is operating properly ahead of time by turning it on and letting it run through a few cycles before your contractor arrives. Note any issues, and share them with the technician to help them diagnose problems easily.

3. Routine Filter Replacement

A heating expert will also recommend changing out your air filter every month or more frequently if you have pets in your home. This ensures your system is optimized to operate at the highest level, circulating fresh air throughout your house.

4. Duct Check

Additionally, having a professional inspect your ductwork will also help ensure your heating system will keep you warm throughout the winter. This includes checking for the buildup of dust, rust, and mold, as well as open joints, all of which can impact your system’s functionality.


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