Heating your home can be a tough job during the winter time, so it’s important to increase its efficiency so your home stays toasty and your bills stay affordable. Glorieta Creek Mechanical in downtown Santa Fe, NM, has learned a few insider tricks since they began in 2006. And they’ve collected a list of do’s and dont’s to ensure you’ll get the most of your residential heating system.  


Set a Timer on the Thermostat

If the house is empty during the day, there’s no reason to waste money heating it. Set a timer on the thermostat to kick on before you get home. Additionally, keep the temperature a few degrees cooler before bed. You’ll already be cozy under your blankets, and you’ll keep costs down. 

Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans aren’t just for hot summer days. Because hot air rises, you can set the fans to spin clockwise, which will force the warm air back down. 

Take Advantage of the Sunlight 

One way to capitalize on energy costs is by taking advantage of the sunlight entering your home. If you have particularly sunny areas, try reducing the heat flow to these rooms and let nature do the work for you. 


Neglect a Seasonal Checkup 

heatingAll heating systems require periodic maintenance, so don’t leave off that annual checkup. Hiring a professional to inspect and service your heater can prevent future repairs and keep the system running efficiently. 

Let Air Filters Clog

If you have a boiler system, this won’t be an issue. However, if your home runs on a furnace, you’ll need to clean the filters. Not only will this keep the airflow clean, but the heat will evenly distribute and warm the house. 

Avoid Heating Your Home to Save Money 

Staying warm keeps you healthy and happy and shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you have trouble keeping up with heating costs, there are a host of affordable heating options available, such as switching to a boiler system or investing in a heat pump. 

With these helpful heating tips from Glorieta Creek Mechanical in mind, you can promote a warm home this winter season. If you need to schedule an annual checkup, call their team at (505) 757-8872, and visit them online for a complete list of their HVAC and plumbing services. The company has been providing quality craftsmanship to Santa Fe residents for over 35 years. You can also like them on Facebook for additional tips and regular updates about the company.