Drains may have a subtle presence in your home, but they are crucial amenities in the kitchen and bathrooms. Even if you’re mindful of what you let into the pipes, some unwelcome debris can still get through and cause clogs. To protect your plumbing system, regular drain cleaning is vital. The team at Glorieta Creek Mechanical provides this service to Santa Fe, NM, residents and explains the major benefits of scheduling it on a regular basis.

Why Your Home Needs Regular Drain Cleaning

1. Reduce Clogs

drain cleaningNo matter how careful you are, some hair will find its way down the drain just as some crumbs will slip through the sink. As these particles accumulate, they will harden with time, narrowing the space where water can travel. When the buildup gets big enough, the pipe may become completely clogged, leading to frustrating delays in the bathroom and kitchen as well as permanently damaged piping. A plumbing contractor will remove the debris before it causes a blockage, so you’ll never have to pay for a more costly repair or replacement. 

2. Avoid Discomfort

Even if your drain isn’t fully clogged, leftover particles can cause it to work inefficiently. Without drain cleaning, you may find yourself standing in dirty water in the shower. In the kitchen, it is challenging to wash your dishes thoroughly when water filled with grease and food particles won’t drain quickly.

3. Remove Foul Odors

When food particles are lodged in your drain, they will rot over time, causing an unpleasant smell in your kitchen. With a consistent drain cleaning schedule, you can flush your pipes before the odor develops.

To fortify your plumbing system, reach out to Glorieta Creek Mechanical about having a technician perform regular drain cleaning. The team has helped Santa Fe homeowners for more than a decade, and each employee is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency. Schedule an appointment by calling (505) 757-8872, and learn more about the HVAC company by visiting their website