Ductless air conditioning units help homeowners achieve the comfort of climate control without the construction costs associated with central air systems. They also boast higher efficiency ratings and quieter operation than traditional window units, making them an exceptional upgrade for homeowners who need a more modern solution. Here, the HVAC contractors at Glorieta Creek Mechanical in Santa Fe, NM, help you decide whether going ductless is right for your home’s cooling needs.

A Guide to Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

Which Homes Are Ideal for These Solutions?

Traditional central cooling systems require the installation of many feet of ductwork. However, homes with limited or no attic space cannot accommodate ducts. As a result, many homeowners with these houses rely on window units, which can be temperamental and ineffective for achieving a comfortable temperature. For a building without an attic, such as ranch or adobe-style home, ductless systems are the ideal solution.

What Are the Benefits of Ductless Systems?

air conditioningDuctless systems are simple to install and can even be set up in as little as one day. They only require a small hole to house the refrigerant, electrical, and drainage lines, which will run to an outdoor compressor. In each room you wish to cool, you will have a separate unit installed. Because there are many models available, you can choose the placement to align with your home’s existing layout.

Homeowners also love ductless units because they are more affordable than central air and require little maintenance. All it takes to keep them running efficiently is regularly changing or replacing their filters. Additionally, they are highly efficient, which reduces energy bills during long, hot summers. Finally, they are simple to operate — some even come with a remote control!

If you think a ductless air conditioning system is right for your cooling needs, allow Glorieta Creek Mechanical to outfit your home with the perfect solution. They’ve helped residential and commercial clients throughout the Santa Fe area for over a decade, and their services come with a 30-day guarantee. Request an estimate by visiting them online, or call (505) 757-8872 to discuss your home’s comfort control options today.