A properly installed and sized septic tank is crucial to the efficiency to any home's waste water treatment system.  The size, measured in gallons, is determined by the number of bedrooms.  In most municipalities a typical 1-3 bedroom home with a garbage grinder should have a minimum of a 1,250 gallon tank, a 4 bedroom home with a garbage grinder a 1,500 gallon tank, and a 5 bedroom home with a garbage grinder a 1,750 gallon tank.  If a home does not have a garbage grinder, the rule of thumb is the tank can be 250 gallons less.  When installing a new tank, a dual compartment tank should always be used as it will help keep solids from getting into the leach fields.  Septic tanks are made out of either concrete or polyethylene.  The specific site and system design determines which type of tank will be used. 

All tanks should have an inlet and outlet baffle.  According to NYS standards , "Baffles are flow deflecting devices used in septic tanks and distribution boxes to inhibit the discharge of floating solids, reduce the amount of settable solids that exist, and reduce the velocity of the waste water."  An outlet baffle is extremely important as it keeps solids from entering the leach field and potentially clogging it.  For added protection, an outlet  filter can be installed.

All septic tanks need to be vented to ensure proper functioning.  Venting is either done through the house roof vent or through an installed system vent.

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