The use of pre-moistened "wet wipes" has skyrocketed in the last few years.  Many are labeled “flushable” and said to be safe for all septic systems. However, sewer lines and pumps are backing up and becoming clogged with these “flushable” wipes because in reality they are NOT safe to flush. The labeling is a marketing strategy to get us, the consumer, to buy their product

The problem with these wipes is that they are made of synthetic material which does not breakdown naturally.  A wastewater treatment facility, whether private or public, is designed to breakdown organic matter.  Simply put, it is designed to handle human waste and toilet paper.  Toilet paper is treated as organic matter because it is made from tree pulp. Since these wipes are made from synthetic plastic based materials they cannot be broken down naturally in the same way that organic materials are. In order not to cause damage to the treatment facility, wipes must be removed and separated out.  This is never 100% achievable and the wipes end up causing problems for the homeowner or the public municipality.

"Flushable" wet wipes has cost millions of dollars of repair work to septic systems both publicly and privately owned. We have seen many sewage pumps becoming clogged and needing to be replaced due to the flushing of wet wipes. So whether you are on a private septic system or a public sewer system do not flush wet wipes regardless of whether they are labeled flushable or not. All wet wipes should be thrown away in the trash to avoid the costly repairs they can cause when they are flushed.

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