Aside from the fact that they can make your summer days cool and enjoyable, swimming pools add significant aesthetic and monetary value to your property. And if you're planning to undertake a pool renovation project to update or upgrade your pool’s functionality and design, Gutierrez Pool Plastering says now is the right time to do so.

Serving Plainfield, NJ, these pool contractors list some of the reasons why should get a pool renovation:

  • To Address Pool Issues: Pool renovation is sometimes necessary if some parts of your swimming pool are failing. A malfunctioning pool filter and plumbing system may be due to the age of your pool. Having modern pool features installed may save you more money in the long run.

  • Pool RenovationTo Improve Its Appearance: If you have an old pool, you may have noticed that your decks are not as attractive as they were before, some of the tiles are chipped, and the liners have come apart. An overhaul may be needed to replace these components with more durable materials. This will tremendously improve the look and durability of your whole setup.

  • To Accommodate Your Needs: Your swimming pool serves as an oasis during the hot summer months. But if your current pool no longer serves your family's changing needs, a pool renovation is necessary. For instance, your kiddie pool may not be suitable for grown-ups and for exercising. A larger pool is ideal for entertaining guests and for doing some morning laps.

  • To Increase Resale Value: Having an up-to-date swimming pool can boost your property’s value. Adding special features such as decks, pool lighting, waterfalls, and a spa will definitely make your pool a relaxing sanctuary. The aesthetics and functionality of your swimming pool could make or break your home’s marketability.

If you’re ready to take on a pool renovation project, contact the professional pool contractors of Gutierrez Pool Plastering. Call them at (908) 756-7585 or visit their website to check out some of their previous works, which include pool pebbling, plastering, and remodeling.