Gunite pools allow owners to let their imaginations go wild, designing any shape or style of pool they want. However, this material, a lightweight mixture of concrete, water, and sand, is porous, so it has to be protected by a thick layer of plaster to keep the pool water from weeping through the structural elements. To provide the ideal level of protection, the plaster will inevitably have to be replaced occasionally, as the experts at Gutierrez Pool Plastering are well-aware. 

The plaster coating of the pool not only protects the gunite foundation from degradation, but also creates the smooth, glassy finish that makes a pool look and feel so good. To preserve this, the plaster has to be very expertly installed and the water chemical balancing should be well-maintained; but even so it will rarely last more than seven years. Having it replaced as soon as you notice signs of wear will help preserve the structural integrity of your pool.

Rather than cracks, you'll likely notice darker patches in the white, which is probably the gunite showing through the plaster. These can be patched, but they will always be noticeable, so it is usually better to get the whole coating replaced. You may also notice rough patches, called “scoring” which not only feel uncomfortable but also attract dirt and create breeding grounds for algae.

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