You want to make sure your pool is properly maintained with the correct levels of chlorine and pH balance. Improper pool chemical balancing can cause a variety of problems, from algae growth to skin irritation. Thankfully, balance issues are fairly easy to spot. Keep your eye open for these warning signs.

How to Tell If Your Pool Chemical Balancing Needs Adjustment

1. Algae Growth

A high pH level can lead to algae blooms that will turn your pool water murky and green. A high pH level can also cause calcium deposits to form on the walls and floor, which can lead to staining and discoloration—along with giving algae a place to cling to. If you see this, test the chlorine and pH levels. The ideal pH level for a swimming pool is between seven and eight.

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2. Strong Chemical Odor

When chlorine levels are too high, it can cause your pool water to smell harsh and unpleasant. This chemical odor can even make breathing difficult for some swimmers, so it should be addressed right away. The ideal chlorine level for a swimming pool is between one and three ppm (parts per million), so conduct a test to ensure you're in that safe range.

3. Cloudy Water

Water clarity is the easiest sign to spot. If your pool water is cloudy or has a milky appearance, it may be due to a high pH level. Calcium deposits are likely to form, and when those minerals end up in the water at high enough concentrations, they will be visible.

4. Skin and Eye Irritation

If you or your family members start to experience redness, itchiness, or dryness after swimming in the pool, it's likely that the chlorine levels are too high. This common imbalance can be uncomfortable, and, in severe cases, it can also be unsafe, so do a water test to check your levels.


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