As fall carries on, you may depend on a leaf blower to keep your property clean. However, did you know there are several ways to put this power tool to use other than clearing leaves? If you’re keen on multitasking, here are a few additional household chores that your blower can help you complete.

What Are Some Clever Ways to Use a Leaf Blower?

1. Clearing Soffits

Cobwebs can be a nuisance along the underside of your roof’s edges, otherwise known as “soffits.” Luckily, you don’t have to spend hours toiling away with an upside-down broom. With a leaf blower, you can simply blast away the buildup in a matter of seconds. This will prevent pests from being attracted to your home and improve attic ventilation.

2. Blowing Away the Rain


After a long day of rain, your patio or deck might be slippery and an uncomfortable place to hang out with friends and family. However, with a leaf blower, you can quickly clear water off tables, firepits, Adirondack chairs, hot tub covers, and the patio or deck itself. This way, you can still enjoy a crisp fall night outdoors without the risk of slipping.

3. Removing Downspout Clogs

During the fall, your home’s drainage system will accumulate a considerable amount of dead leaves. While you can scoop them out of the gutters by hand, it’s not always possible to dislodge clogs in the middle of the downspouts. 

Using your leaf blower, stick the end of the nozzle into the bottom of the downspout. When turning on the power tool, you should see the debris come flying out of the gutter connection up top.


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