Termites are known for their ability to destroy homes by eating through wood. However, some people say the damage doesn’t stop there, insisting the insects even can chew through a concrete foundation. Homeowners try to back up these claims with stories of termite activity in the middle of a house, well away from the exterior walls, but exterminators say tales of the bugs demolishing concrete are untrue.

Concrete is more durable than wood — too hard for termites to gnaw through — but you still must protect cement structures from them. Termites can squeeze through extremely narrow cracks, and your foundation is almost guaranteed to have such access points.

Exterminator Hilo HIFor larger homes, foundations are usually poured in sections to allow the concrete to expand and contract without breaking, but cracks might form in smaller houses as the substance dries. Fissures also can develop as the ground under a structure shifts over time. Either way, your foundation is likely to have openings small insects can navigate easily.

Once inside your home, termites can creep under carpets and wallpaper to get to the wood they crave. If they must travel across exposed areas, they build tunnels of mud over their pathways, and these tubes often are the first sign of an infestation.

Even if your foundation is solid, termites can find points of entry, such as holes where pipes and other utility components pass through the concrete. All it takes is a tiny gap to let a stream of insects inside.

To catch activity by these destructive bugs early, you can arrange regular termite inspections by an exterminator who will check your walls, floors, crawlspaces, and foundation for signs of trouble. You also should keep an eye out for mud tubes, dead termites, discarded wings, bubbling wallpaper, and holes in wood. The sooner you detect an infestation, the less damage you’ll have to fix.


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