Kids are rarely excited to do homework or practice math skills. If you want your young student to get excited about learning, you have to find ways to make it fun and interesting. At JEI Learning Center in South San Jose, CA, they offer a specially designed math program for kids. With offerings for students from preschool to ninth grade, they can make math practice fun for kids of all ages.

If you are struggling to find ways to keep your student engaged in math practice outside the classroom, JEI Learning Center has a few tips:

  • Talk About Math in a Positive Light: Telling your child you hated math as a kid or you were never good at it may make them think they’ll never be good at it either. Instead, try to put a positive spin on the subject. Encourage them to see math as a challenge that they can overcome.
  • Turn Math Into a Game: It’s easy to make math practice into a game. Board games, puzzles, and other hands-on activities are an easy way for kids to learn different math skills.
  • Math SkillsMake Use of Technology: Letting kids mindlessly watch hours of TV probably isn’t a good idea. But letting them use apps and games on a phone or tablet is an excellent way for them to practice their math skills quietly.
  • Show Them Why Math Is Important: The biggest argument students use against math is that they are learning concepts they will never use. From a young age, you can teach your child all the ways you use math in everyday life from cooking to grocery shopping to balancing your checking account.
  • Ask Their Teacher for Tips: Your child’s teacher is a good resource. They have a wealth of knowledge and ideas for different ways to incorporate math practice in fun and meaningful ways.

Math programs for kids, like the one offered by JEI Learning Center, encourage the development of math skills in a fun and stress-free environment. Their wide range of programs can help kids succeed in reading and writing as well. If you want your student to get the best possible education, visit JEI Learning Center online to learn more about their math and reading programs for kids. Call them at (408) 270-6162 to speak with one of their learning center professionals.