Your car’s brakes and tires are vital to keeping you and your passengers safe. To keep them in good condition and increase their lifespan, it’s important to stay on top of your tire and brake service needs. The professionals at Excel Service & Towing in Rochester, NY, provide a variety of auto repair and maintenance services, as well as advice for keeping your brakes and tires in peak condition.

5 Important Tire & Brake Service Tips

Have Your Brakes Inspected

Have your brakes checked by a trained technician at least once a year. During this brake service, they will inspect the rotor thickness, brake pad wear, and condition of the hoses and brake lines.

Avoid Wearing Brakes Out Prematurely

To preserve your brakes, you must treat them correctly while driving. Operating at high speeds, slamming on the brakes, using both feet to drive, and failing to coast will wear out your brakes much faster than normal.

Keep An Eye On Brake Fluid

Rochester-NY-brake-servcieBrake fluid is essential to preventing your brake system from deteriorating. It absorbs water, which can cause internal parts to corrode. You must maintain the right amount of fluid in your car and have it flushed out and replaced from time to time.

Keep Tires At The Right Pressure

Tire pressure has a direct effect on how well your vehicle handles, so you should check it monthly. When tires are underinflated, they build up heat and endure significant wear.

Maintain A Rotation, Alignment, & Balancing Schedule

Tire rotations, alignments, and balancing prevent them from wearing unevenly. Uneven wear will cause your car to drift to one side and leave you with two tires that go bald before the other two.

In addition to making your car safer, investing in regular tire and brake services will increase fuel efficiency and allow you to get optimal performance from your vehicle. To make an appointment with the best auto care team in Rochester, NY, call Excel Service & Towing at (585) 266-7660. Visit them online for an in-depth look at their engine repair and maintenance services.