For many people, the bedroom is a sanctuary and a unique, individualized space to call their own. If you’re unhappy with the current layout, rearranging the furniture or adding a few new pieces can change the way you feel. Here, the team at Bayles Leather House in Rochester, NY, shares some innovative ideas to transform this living space. 

How to Expertly Organize Bedroom Furniture

Consider the Necessities

Create a list of the basics you need for the space to be functional such as the bed, bureau, desk, and chairs. Remove as many items from the space as possible to work on a blank canvas. If you have some damaged or outdated items, visit a furniture store to find better pieces for the new layout.

Maximize the Space 

bedroomOne of the reasons people rearrange their furniture is to maximize their current space. For example, do you have a television that sits on a stand that would look better mounted on the wall? Are daily items scattered around the room but could fit in a nightstand? Putting the bed opposite of a window or adding a mirror can also help make the area appear larger and let in more natural light.

Work Largest to Smallest

Your biggest pieces will take up the most space. Decide where to put those before incorporating rugs, lamps, and other items. Functional furniture such as desks with large drawers can double as dressers and eliminate the need for many of those smaller pieces.

Transform your bedroom with the help of Bayles Leather House. For over 60 years, they’ve been helping residents in Monroe and Ontario Counties find the perfect pieces for their home. Their wide array of sections and styles in their 16,000-square-foot showroom offers something for everyone. Browse their inventory online or call (585) 742-1360 to schedule a consultation with one of their expert designers.