If you’ve been in an auto accident, there’s a chance your car has severe damage to its exterior. Repairs can be costly, so you want to make the best choice when you choose a service provider. Your options usually come down to a local auto body shop and a car dealership, and their prices can vary significantly. Before you make a decision, learn what’s factored into your bill at each business.

Labor Costs for Car Body Repair

Auto Body Shop

Auto body shop Chatsworth GAAt a local shop, labor expenses often are substantially lower than they would be at a dealership. Independent auto body shops specialize in collision repair and don’t have to adhere to service on a particular make of vehicle; they’re equipped to work on a broad range of automobiles, so they have many avenues of revenue. Since their technicians often are paid a flat wage, they focus on doing the best work, not the fastest. 


Labor charges often are higher at a dealership, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Dealerships have the auto industry’s newest technology and know how to work on the latest car models for their particular make. Since they handle specific brands, technicians have vast experience in making repairs for them, tackling everything from car paint to dent removal. However, dealerships do more than body work, and their payment model is based on an estimated time frame for labor. While their technicians are highly skilled, they might feel the need to rush through a job, resulting in mishaps that might require a return visit for follow-up work. 

Technology & the Latest Models

Auto Body Shop

Your local auto body shop uses advanced technology, but they don’t specialize in equipment for specific makes or models. Whether you need dent repair on a 10-year-old car or 10-month-old car, you’ll receive the same quality and level of service. They don’t cater to specific vehicles but still have up-to-date technology and tools they use on a variety of cars, keeping costs low.


Dealerships use top-notch tools and technology as well, but they might have to replace them more often since they must cater to the newest vehicles on the market, driving up prices. If you own the latest model, a dealership might be the only facility equipped to make collision repairs, and they probably will be more costly. 


Overall, an auto body shop offers state-of-the-art services at affordable prices. Babb’s Body Shop in Chatsworth, GA, is known for its skilled technicians, high level of customer care, and quality work. Whether you need a fresh coat of paint, dent removal, or collision repair, their experts will get the job done right. Visit their website for more information about their services and call (706) 695-5623 to schedule an appointment. Follow them on Twitter for more advice from the body repair shop.