The transmission lines that were once used to bring television into homes are becoming obsolete; the technology that brings homeowners and business people web access has evolved. Cable internet services continue to grow in popularity, thanks to faster connections.  Additionally, unlike regular internet services, cable internet doesn’t require additional phone lines for installation. Here are several reasons to get this service. 

Why Get Cable Internet Service?

1. Consistent Access

Users enjoy a steady stream of access, as there is no reliance on standard landlines, which may be decades old. The lines may also experience mechanical issues, such as damage caused by water leaks and electrical shortages. Plus, cable internet service doesn’t require dial-ins that can stall or slow down connections. As a result, usage is seamless and uninterrupted.

2. Viewing Flexibility

cable Internet serviceThe technology provides users with more freedom to watch their favorite shows when and wherever they want. When cable internet service is in place, an accompanying cable modem delivers powerful bandwidth. Combined with faster speed, access is more flexible, and you won’t run into slow speeds day or night. 

3. Expanded Data Applications

Whether you’re a business owner who heavily relies on Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which allows video and audio transmission from remote sites, or a freelance graphic designer with massive files, cable internet service can handle large volumes of data. The broadband configuration provides ample room for a variety of applications without sacrificing space for other internet-based tasks. 


TruVista is the trusted telecommunications provider residents and business owners throughout South Carolina and Georgia turn to for quality cable internet services. Founded in 1897, the Chester, SC-based company always meets the needs of its customers. From wireless phone services to traditional landlines and cable features, you can count on fast speeds, reliable access, and affordability. To speak to a team member, call (803) 385-2191. Visit the website to learn more about their services.