A slow internet connection can be frustrating when you’re trying to surf the internet, stream video, upload pictures, or get work done. To get your connection back up to speed, try these quick fixes before contacting your WiFi service provider.

4 Causes of Slow Internet 

1. Device

First, check whether the slow speed is limited to one device or whether all the devices on your internet connection are affected. If only one is slow, it’s not a network issue. Try rebooting the device to see if the problem resolves. If several of them are involved, there may be another issue at play. 

2. Service Plan

Your slow internet could be the result of your internet service plan. To determine the speed of your connection, run a speed test on an online tool, such as SpeedTest.net. If the results are below the speed promised by your WiFi service provider, the equipment may be broken.

3. Modem or Router

WiFiTurn off the power to the modem and router and unplug their power connections to the wall. Wait about 10 to 30 seconds before plugging them back in. After the modem and router have rebooted, check to see if your internet speed improves.

4. WiFi Signal

If your modem and router are working, then your slow internet speed may be due to your WiFi signal. Too many WiFi networks sharing the same channel can slow down your service. To reduce network interference, change the wireless channel used by the router.

The signal in your home may also not be strong enough to reach all your devices. Move your router to improve the coverage in your home or purchase a WiFi booster.


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