With the rise of smartphones, many have ditched their traditional landline in favor of more high-tech gadgets. While it's become the common belief that home phone service is no longer a necessity, landlines can still provide many benefits. If you're considering replacing your handset with a cell phone, here are three reasons you should reconsider.

Why You Should Keep Your Home Phone

1. Cost

For many, the decision to abandon their home phone service can often come down to cost. You may think that since you're already paying for cell phone service, it's not worth spending extra for a landline.

However, many cable companies offer bundle packages, meaning the more services you subscribe to, the lower your bill. In this way, simply keeping your home phone service can save you money on your combined cable and internet packages. 

2. Quality

home phone serviceWhile technology has come a long way in the design and advancement of mobile phones, poor reception and dropped calls are still a frequent complaint among cell phone users. When compared to mobile phones, consumer rating groups have found that many cordless phones can match or even beat their sound quality and signal

For those experiencing hearing loss or individuals who spend a significant amount of time on the phone, this improved audio quality can make all the difference. 

3. Reliability

In an emergency such as a natural disaster or inclement weather, power outages can wreak havoc on mobile phones. Extended power outages can make it impossible to charge your phone, leaving you without a way to communicate with loved ones. But unlike mobile phones that require a daily charge to operate, landlines work even without power, making them more reliable than the most cutting-edge smartphone.


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