Signing up for cable TV, internet, and home phone through one provider—known as bundling—can result in significant savings. As a result, it’s a budget-friendly option that gives you access to a variety of channels and high-speed Wi-Fi along with the convenience of a landline. Here’s a closer look at why providers bundle and how it can work for your benefit.

Internet & Cable Bundling

What Types of Bundles Are Available?

Before you choose a bundle, you want to understand your options. Typically, providers allow you to mix and match services to design a customized bundle that suits the needs of your household.

You can combine a selection of cable TV channels, high-speed internet speed, and home phone capability. The number and type of services you select will determine the cost of your bundle––and the savings that come with it.

What Are the Savings?

cable TVIt’s simple to determine just how much you can save when you bundle. Check out the prices for individual services on your provider’s website. You’ll see that cable, internet, and home phone each have a monthly cost.

Add up the monthly cost of the services you’re interested in and compare it to the bundle prices. You’ll see that the monthly cost of most bundles that meet your criteria is significantly less than the pay-per-service option. You’ll enjoy the same services at a fraction of the cost.

Why Do Providers Offer Bundles?

Bundling services offers significant cost savings for the providers as well. Delivering several services to just one customer costs less than providing the same number of services to different customers. Thanks to that convenience and cost savings, providers are willing to pass some of the savings onto you. 


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