If you have a smartphone, chances are you use it for everything from navigating in the car to video chatting with loved ones. Unless you signed up for an unlimited data plan, though, your phone service provider probably sends you a hefty bill each month. If you’re tired of spending a small fortune on data usage, here’s what you should know about upgrading to an unlimited plan. 

What Does an Unlimited Plan Include?

With an unlimited data plan, you’ll be able to maximize your smartphone’s functionality with no overage fees—ever. From streaming all your favorite shows in 480p quality to sending text messages to loved ones in more than 120 counties, the options are virtually endless. Some plans even include unlimited talk, text, and data in Mexico and Canada, making them ideal for North American travelers. 

Why Should You Enroll in an Unlimited Plan?

phone serviceUnlimited data plans provide total flexibility. Never again will you have to monitor your family’s usage from day to day to avoid incurring overage fees. This is especially helpful in households where more than one individual uses a considerable amount of data every month. If you have teens, for example, upgrading to an unlimited plan could save you a lot of strife when the bill comes due each month. 

Enrolling in an unlimited phone service plan is also wise for those on a tight budget. Regardless of how much data you use from month to month, your bill will remain consistent. In other words, you won’t have to anxiously anticipate all kinds of extra charges for exceeding your plan’s allowable limits. 


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